Power to women - The secrets of their look - part 1


by Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)

Smart, beautiful and competitive ... When the power is woman it manifests itself in every aspect. They are scientists, engineers, politicians, astronauts, entrepreneurs and so on and so forth, women at top of the company they are everywhere and often they are able to manage companies (even multinationals) better than their male counterparts.


Many are indeed many women of power from which to take an example and be inspired.


Nothing goes unnoticed about them, especially the look that in this "new column" we will learn to know and interpret.

One of my favorites is definitely Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, she is certainly a beautiful woman with clear ideas. Besides being one of the most powerful women in the world his passion for the fashion transpires immediately and its beauty always remains simple and sensual. Her natural blond bob is always so precise, a trend to be imitated and, for special occasions, her gathered hair always makes her an elegant and saucy woman. Absolutely promoted! Don't believe?!?


Marissa Mayer


How not to mention the "First Lady"Most famous of the moment: Michelle Obama. She is a modern, young and very intelligent woman, active in different areas of society and politics, but she is also very followed for her look, always cared for in every detail, away from suit classics seen before her. There First Lady American is also innovative with the look of her hair. In my opinion absolutely promoted his curly bob soft sported on several occasions during institutional dinners at the White House.




A special mention I would like to leave for the beautiful Joumana Haddad, poetess rebel, Journalist is translator Lebanese. One of the most powerful and influential women in the free Arab world, because she chose to follow her own path even if it meant transgressing religious, political and cultural taboos. Muslim woman, with long, well-groomed curly hair, immediately strikes her femininity in her way of speaking, writing and showing herself in public.




And who are you inspired by? Let me know! Greetings from your Mary LittleBells (Facebook - Instagram - Blog)


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