Goodbye Shatush?!? It's time for Monocolor hair


Sometimes they come back ... and so also in the the single color (brown, blond or red) is gaining more and more success among the requests of the public. In addition to the new trend of Gray (link article) which sees the very young at the forefront.

  Goodbye Shatush?!? It's time for Monocolor hair.

  A little bit out of boredom, a little bit to change your look Shatush, remained in vogue season after season is less and less required. The alternative to the famous bicolor (and its stylistic evolutions) is to return to the old and dear single color.

The choice of color to cover the Shatush must be agreed with your own trusted hairstylist to avoid that the look change is far from the idea you have chosen (one or two darker shades can be very revolutionary at the beginning).

Chestnut, chocolate or copper could be excellent choices to avoid always seeing each other in the usual way, if you prefer an even lighter color a sunny blond or honey is certainly the best choice. It is always advisable to use a nourishing mask after any color or bleaching worklink), as well as having the good habit of treating your own hair (even at home) will prevent you from having dry and brittle hair.

For example a professional quality shampoo and / or mask can help you in all this (link) and the results will be evident from the first use. Do you find our articles interesting but need more information? Then contact us, our experts are at your disposal.  


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