Greali Sisters - The Italian twins that are on the web!


Probably (if you have more years on your shoulders) you have certainly heard of Kessler twins the showgirl duo who had a lot success in Italy in the 60s, as you will surely know Olsen twins (Mary Kate and Ashley) teenage actresses of the early 2000s who depopulated in movies and on TV.

How not to mention the Williams twins (Serena and Venus) tennis champions still active or very Italian "Le Donatella"(Musical and television duo that has gained popularity on the Isola dei Famosi). But tell the truth, you have never heard of Greali Sisters?

Greta & Alice, precisely the "Greali Sisters"Are two very young Italian twin sisters (exactly from Bergamo) who are literally becoming popular on the web despite being still minors and attending high school.

They started their "career"On the web through the famous app"TikTok”(Ex and from then on they exploded so much to open their own channel YouTube (link) and a profile Instagram (link) with more than 150,000 fans among teenagers (and others).

But how do they do two very young girls to become a web star in a very short time? The answer is simple, they know how to do it. Blondes, light eyes and objectively "bellocce" Greta (link) is Alice (link) they rode the fashion of the moment so much so as to carve out a huge audience of fans and invest theirs free time in photo shoots and vlog videos that post on social media.

One of them "toys"Favorite is to ask their" fans "to recognize them, it would seem silly but we assure you that: 1) it is not easy and 2) all this increases the curiosity that surrounds them even more, increasing the social comments and consequently their popularity.

And what do you think of this new one popularity that the company can they suddenly attract you?


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