Grey hair? Here is the fashion trend of 2015


Did you think that the effect of the film 50 shades (of gray) ended with the film in the cinema? Then you were wrong, because even the trends of overseas are the creators of the new fashion for the "under 30" (and not only them) is called Gray (#hairgrey & #totalgrey) for a decidedly different look than usual.  

Gray: the new hair fashion that appeals to the very young

  Once the gray (and white) hair was a woman's worst nightmare, but now we tend to burn up the appearance times and have an old-style look of fairytale style. The "Gray parade" has begun and as always in the first place we find the Hollywood stars. Some choose the mono-color effect, others combine it with some pastel touches for an even more accentuated shock effect.

Of course, it's not just celebrities who are pushing the new gray trend, every fashion takes off only if there is approves such dictat (blogger, youtuber fashion stylist). Obviously you don't want to look older than you really are, but knowing how to dare, knowing your limits, is a constant challenge with yourself.  

Is the total gray look suitable for everyone?

  Absolutely not, two fundamental characteristics are necessary: 1) personality to be sold, as it is not a look that goes unnoticed 2) healthy hair that can withstand a strong pickling A total gray look necessarily meets some tricks like always having the cut in order.

In fact gray hair tends to look neglected and a bit messy and needs special care because it tends to be dry and fragile and therefore to look stressed and dull. To avoid the "yellowed" effect (due to the oxidation of the hair) it is advisable to use specific products such as an "anti-age" shampoo or a protective pigment mousse.  


In short: if the "Gray" look is the trend you want to follow right now with the advice of the Mimì Colonna hairdresser everything will be clearer to you.


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